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Queenslander Beef pays homage to the state’s centuries long commitment to being the stalwart of the Australian beef industry.

Representing almost half of Australia’s cattle herd, Queensland is home to thousands of farming families – many multi- generational – that are rooted in the tradition of raising the finest cattle to produce the highest quality beef which is exported around the world to be enjoyed by families just like yours.

Given the vast distances our cattle farms encompass, cattle properties have continued to hone and refine their processes to be some of the most efficient and environmentally sustainable in the world – without compromising on taste.

Queenslander Beef is sourced from hand selected cattle graziers from Australia’s finest beef producing regions.

Cattle must meet our stringent grading criteria to ensure a consistent eating experience, and are processed exclusively in Queensland ensuring complete integrity and the highest levels of food safety.

Choosing Queenslander Beef is a show of respect to our history, to our farming heritage and to our communities.

Choosing Queenslander Beef shows that you value the humble enjoyment and the pride that comes with eating world class beef.